Submit a Academic Update Request
Please Note: If you have already started a Academic Update Request, do not start a new one. To update your User Profile, or to continue an already initiated request, please go to your User Home Page.
  • This request should be used by F-1 or J-1 Graduate students who are discontinuing their current degree program (i.e. WILL NOT graduate from the program and will no longer pursue that degree) and starting a new degree program.
    • Please note if you are going to complete your current degree program, and begin a new degree at another level, DO NOT submit this request. You should submit a Change of Level Request instead. This includes if you are going to complete your current degree program and begin a new degree at the same level. For example, if you are changing from a Master's in Business Administration to a Master's in Technology.
    • Graduate students who add another degree program at the same level of study do not report the new degree to ISSS until they have completed their current degree.
  •  ‚ÄčOnce your request has been submitted, ISSS will begin processing your request. Please allow 5 (five) business days processing time.